Familie Soellner (Germany). LONG DISTANCE Championship 2018 CHAMPION

Long Distance Championship 2018 Trophy. Masters World Division. One Loft Racing World League.

The Masters World Division 2018 twenty first race: Derby del Mediterraneo. 29/09/2018. 518 km. It was the Long Distance Championship 2018 Final of Masters World Division.

In the Long Distance Championship 2018 score the 10 longest races of the 21 scoring races of Masters World Division 2018. FAMILIE SOELLNER (Germany) was a leader and has maintained his position by becoming the champion.

LONG DISTANCE Championship 2018

CHAMPION: Familie Soellner (Germany)


We want to highlight the participation of Sporting Pigeons Team (Portugal) in this championship, who is the Masters World Cup 2018 Runner Up (main competition), thanks to its good results in Long Distance Championship 2018. Only 3 fanciers/teams have completed all scoring races in this championship; Familie Soellner, Sporting Pigeons Team and Norwegian Turbo.

Long Distance Championship 2018

RUNNER-UP: Sporting Pigeons Team (Portugal)


LONG-DISTANCE Championship 2018.

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