One Loft Racing World League is a new racing pigeons competition in the world and it starts in 2017. Be prepared for the future and join now!

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How does it work?
One Loft Racing World League is not a single OLR, but a league ranking competition with 100 loft/fanciers/team in each division.

It is like in football with divisions where you play against all the teams in your division and you can win, move up or down depending on your results. In the end of the season we know the winners and the losers, but after each race the rankings are updated.

In 2017 there will be one Masters World Division and one big Promotional World Division.

Masters World Division

Promotional World Division


In 2017 the counting OLR's are:

Sofia One Loft Race, Bulgaria
Derby Costa Del Sol, Spain
Talent Quatro, Czech Republic
Algarve Great Derby, Portugal

When you join Masters Division you have to apply for pigeons in these four OLR competitions.
4 scoring races in each of them. That means 16 scoring races to and you compete against the others in the division.

Of course you are playing in the OLR itself as normal including the price money there, but on top of that you have the One Loft Racing World League Competition.

A table/ranking will be issued after each race. 50 best will be qualified for Masters World Division 2018. The rest will be qualified for First World Division 2018.




Promotional World Division 2017 is the world division of One Loft Racing World League which gives access to Masters World Division 2018 (The best in Promotional World Division 2017) and to First World Division 2018 (51º-500º in Promotional World Division 2017).

Promotional World Division 2017 does not have entry fee and does not have prizes.
There are a lot of scoring One Loft Races in Promotional World Division 2017 and fanciers can participate in one, several or all scoring One Loft Races. The list of the scoring One Loft Races will be regularly updated on

Fanciers compete in Promotional World Division 2017 at the same time and with the same pigeons that they compete in the One Loft Races.

To participate, fanciers must complete directly the registration formIn each scoring One Loft Race there will 100 fanciers participants maximum. Places are awarded in order of registration. Participants must submit the registration form that makes available the organization.



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